Cute Daycare Names

There are many cute daycare names that can be used in some way when you’re opening a daycare. Rather than use them exactly as they are, you should come up with a variation of the names found below.

This way the name will be your own and adequately reflect your business and convey the right message.

The name you choose will represent you and your brand. For that reason it makes sense to select a name that will both be appealing and upbeat. Good daycare names will serve to assure parents that it is a credible and fun loving environment for their children.

Finding the perfect name is not always easy, many of the most popular daycare names are already being used by other child care companies. This is why it’s important to research to determine if it’s been trademarked.

A good example of this is the name, Tiny Tots. While appealing to many it’s been licensed in the U.S and should not be used without possibly facing legal consequences.

Here’s a list of cute daycare names that are also popular. (Remember to mix and match to create your own variation and check for trademarks)

ABC’s & 123’s Child care
Angel Academy
Angel Keepers
Bambi Land
Bebe Kidz
Beyond our dreams
Bright Beginnings
Bright Minds
Brighter Horizons
BumbleBee Forest
Busy Bees
Caring & sharing
Caterpillar Clubhouse
Children in learning
Children First
Children’s Choice
Childtime Learning
Comfort zone
Country kids
Creative Care by _____________ (fill in your name)
creative kids
Creative learning
Cutie Pies
Early bird daycare
Educare Learning Center
Everyday sunshine
F.U.N. Day-Care Center
Future scholars
Happy Faces
happy Feet
Happy Hearts
Happy Place
Helpful hands
Helping Hands
Horizon daycare
Grandmother’s Arms
Just like Home
Kiddie Junction
Kids are people too
kids castle
Kids Club
Kids Clubhouse
Kids Cove
Kids ‘R’ Kids
Kids’ Greenhouse
Kids Paradise
Kids Zone
Kidz Corner
Kinder Academy
Kool Kidz
La Petite Academy
Laugh a lot kids
Learning Ladder
Learn with us
LiL Kidz DayCare
Lil’ Squirts
Little Angels
Little Giggles
Little Steps
Little Rascals
Love You Child
Mini Miracles
Paradise Kiddie
Playful People
Playful Penguin
Precious Moments
Pumpkin Patch
Reading Rainbow
Small Steps
Tender Moments
The Cradle
The Growing Patch
Tiny Fingers – Tiny Toes
Tot Spot
Tot Stop
Tots R Us
Tutor Time
Wee Kids
Wee Watch
“Your name” Children’s House
“Your name” Ark
“Your name” Rainbow

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  1. Star says:

    I honestly love the cookies and milk name. I will definitely choose this 1 for my daycare. Thank you so much

  2. Susie says:

    I am in the process of opening up a daycare and have narrowed a cute and playful name that represents me. I need some feedback on ended the name with “Academy”. I was told that is attached to private schools and should not be used. Not opposed to but I think Learning Center or Development Center is to long a phrase. Any positive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  3. jaymee says:

    imagination station
    caterpillar clubhouse
    little cubs

  4. Julieta says:

    Please I am seeking help to start a day care business.Thanks

  5. Marisa says:

    Planning on opening a day care , soon,
    1st step, called my State for the application and down loaded it, they say 3-4 months and up to 7 children with just myself? (I birthed 6 almost grown now)
    Thinking of a name, live in the country, around farms and barns, agriculture, plan on having gardens, sunflower contests, chicks and hens and eggs) My 3 daughters are excited, all want to work with it too, one of my daughter’s worked in a bakery so we’re thinking with the 2 kitchens she can begin a little candy store/bakery –

  6. kemmy says:

    Nice names

  7. Annabella says:

    Hey, My Names AnnaBella, And I named my daycare “kids r kids” But sadly, it got shut down, due to copyright or whatever
    Now i have no job, nothing. So you my non mate, ARE RUBBISH

  8. rythm says:

    Am planning to start an Experiential learning based playschool.
    Looking for a good name and resources.

  9. Funmi. says:

    Beautiful and cute names.

  10. Angela says:

    My name is Angela and I need help in choosing a daycare name.

  11. SOME NEW NAMES says:

    kindly send some names which in Sanskrit or in old Tamil names

  12. Zay says:

    Hi, I’m looking futuristic name ideas, for a daycare, relates to technology and colleges, university, etc. I want the kids think on their future. I would appreciated any idea. Thanks.

  13. babra says:

    can you please help me with some ideas I need to start a day care

  14. renu dewan says:

    I am a retired pre school teacher and am planning to open a day care cum play centre for small children (ages 3+ to 7 years) of working parents. Would appreciate ideas for names (preferably Indian) and tips on how to go about it.

  15. Sarah says:

    Trying to decide on a name for my daycare business. I focus on caring for kids holistically. As part of this the diet consist of whole organic foods, early learning and childrens fitness. Here are some name options. Tells me what you like:

    – Crunchy Kids Preschool
    – Natural Sprouts Childcare and Preschool
    – Nature’s Nuggets Preschool
    – Happy and Holistic Kids Childcare

  16. temmy says:

    hello, please i need ideas on starting a creche with a cute name.i intend to have kids of age 0-5
    i also need ideas on how to run the creche, things i need to have there and possibly pictures.
    thank you

  17. ABHIJIT says:

    need guidelines in naming and running a preschool in the urban area of a small town

  18. Toni Brossart says:

    I’m starting up a home daycare and need some ideas of some fun names.

  19. Vinod Shimpi says:

    suggest name for preschool

  20. M. K. Pandey says:

    I am going to start a play school brand. pls suggest me some name for making brand in lay school

  21. Evarlyne says:

    planning to start a child care .send me more names

  22. onyi says:

    Please more names and ideal guide for opening a daycare. Thank you

  23. LaTicia Mooney says:

    Looking for a catchy childcare name that will insight Christians, but not scare away non-Christians.

  24. D Gororo says:

    More names for daycare please. Would want to start a creche

  25. Abigail Q says:

    These Names are helpful but this is not a university just a day care.

  26. Krishanthi says:

    Looking for darcar names

  27. Kauai girl says:

    Hi I will be starting a child care service in my home and this name came up Kauai keiki daycare but I don’t know if I really want this name! Do you have any other name ideas? Need help ….

  28. Shrek says:

    Lil’ Squirts 😉

  29. naomi lodewyk says:

    Looking for premises in athlone surroundings cape town to open a day care centre. So hard to find premises. Anyone has a rented property please for a day care centre?

  30. Jenny says:

    Daycare should not be in the heading!! We do not care for the day, we care for the child… CHILDCARE NOT DAYCARE

  31. yinka says:

    these names are so wonderful

  32. Epifania N says:

    I want to start a daycare. Please help me to develop all the policy needed! And other relevant issues I need to consider.

  33. Amy Jess says:

    Day care name idea

  34. Oluwakemi says:

    I am planning on opening a daycare and trying to think of a cute, creative, and sophisticated name.

  35. Hi I’m planning on opening my own day care I need help with names an information on how to get started…

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